This is another divided village, similar to many of the other coastal settlements in the Bay of Kotor area. Morinj is divided between Gornji Morinj, the upper half, and Donja Morinj, the lower half. History buffs may recognize the sad past of Morinj, which is where Croat prisoners of war were held in the 1990s. However, that is far from the focal point of this Bay of Kotor destination, and today’s visitors are most interested in the scenery and recreation that Morinj has to offer.

Photo credit:  captain.tarmac

Photo credit: captain.tarmac

A definite highlight of a stay in Morinj will be the beach, which is mostly sheltered. This makes it safe even for unsure swimmers, and it protects swimmers and sun worshipers alike from strong winds. An iconic landmark in Morinj is the St Petka Church, known to locals as Crkva Sv Petke. Its silver dome is easy to spot, creating a reflection whenever the sun hits it.