Luštica Peninsula

The Luštica Peninsula is the piece of land that separates the Bay of Kotor, and more specifically the gulf of Tivat, from the rest of the Adriatic Sea. Until recently, this peninsula was off the tourism radar, and much of the land is still made up of olive groves and small, traditional villages. As development among the Bay of Kotor increases, however, plans are being made to develop much of the coastal parts of the Luštica Peninsula.

In Krtoli, a major destination in the peninsula, you will find a number of secluded pebble beaches that are ideal for swimming, soaking in the sun or just enjoying the views over the sea. Krtoli also offers fantastic views of both St Mark’s Island and Our-Lady-of-Mercy, which can make for an interesting day trip if you’ve got the time.

West of Krtoli is Bjelila, a fantastic representation of an authentic fishing village in Montenegro. Largely undeveloped and free from hordes of tourists, Bjelila is the place to go if you want to see tiny stone houses right on the shoreline or dig into freshly caught seafood sold at a fraction of the hotel restaurant prices typical of the area.

Lustica peninsula

On the western tip of the Luštica Peninsula is Rose, another charming fishing village. Hikes in the area take you to spectacular vantage points that offer views of the Bay of Kotor as well as the Adriatic Sea in one panoramic vista. For most of the year, Rose is a quiet destination, but in the summer you’ll come across greater numbers of tourists who come for the affordable accommodation and the authentic atmosphere. There are no hotel resorts in Rose, but there are stone village homes that you can rent a room in for a night or two.

Along the southern coastline is a series of clean beaches that are popular with day trippers from Herceg Novi. Dobrec is only accessible by sea and boast one of the cleanest beaches in all of Montenegro. The large pebbly beach of Zanjice sits in a sheltered cove below the olive groves attracting plenty of people in the high season. Further east at the base of the peninsula ad near the main town Radovici, lies the sandy beach of Plavi Horizont (Blue Horizon). Encircled by green pinewoods, this semi-circular shaped beach is probably one of the most beautiful in all of Montenegro.