Just minutes from the city of Stoliv is a divided city known as Lastva. The upper half of the city is where most visitors find themselves, thanks to its medieval charm. Called Gornja Lastva, the upper section of the city is filled with unique architecture. Since the settlement is nearly 300 meters (1,000 feet) above sea level, it is an incredible spot to get a vantage point of the bay and snap some amazing photos. Stone walls reveal small homes from the 18th century as well as ruins dating even further back in time. The man-powered olive mill is still in operation, and visitors can watch it in action to see the olives processed for consumption in the town as well as for export.

Gornja Lastva Photo credit:  Patsy Wooters

Gornja Lastva Photo credit: Patsy Wooters

The biggest attraction in Gornja Lastva is St Mary’s Church, or Crkva Sv Marije, which was built in the 15th century. Services are still held in the church each week, and if the parish priest happens to be around he can take you on a tour through the structure and show you the fantastic Italian paintings that come from the Renaissance. The lower part of the city, or Donja Lastva, is less traditional, but it still offers a tourist office and several local restaurants.