Herceg Novi

At the entrance of Kotor Bay is Herceg Novi, which translates as New Castle. Herceg Novi is located right at the foot of Mount Orjen, and it is a scenic, historic but pristine alternative to some of the larger coastal cities in the region.

Herceg Novi dates back to the 14th century, and in that time several empires and cultures have inundated and left reminders of their presence. Between the 15th and 18th centuries, the area was known as Castelnuovo, and it was passed through the hands of the Ottoman Empire, the Albania Veneta and even the Republic of Venice. This turbulent history, however, has created an amazing diversity of cultures and architecture.

Herceg Novi, Kotor Bay, Montenegro

In the Stari Grad, or Old Town, you will be treated to a variety of historic and cultural attractions. St. Jerome’s Church, also known as Trg Mića Pavlovića, is a spectacular 19th century Catholic building. Nearby, the Archangel Michael’s Church is the Orthodox equivalent and was built in the same time period. Also of interest to history lovers will be the 17th century clock tower that once perched on the city’s main gate, the Kanlu Kula fortress and the 16th century Spanjola fortress. Just outside of the city is the Savina monastery, which dates back to the 14th century and offers some of the most amazing views imaginable over the bay.

If you want to get active and enjoy the wonderful climate in Herceg Novi, you’ll have plenty of options. Several pebble beaches beckon, and during the summer there are crowds of swimmers enjoying the waters of the Bay of Kotor. Walk along the promenade to enjoy a nice breeze, and then stop at Igalo for the town’s famous mud therapy spa treatments.