Welcome to Kotor Bay

The Bay of Kotor, known also as simply Boka, is a bay in the heart of the Adriatic Sea in southwestern Montenegro. The Bay of Kotor is an incredible travel destination for a number of reasons, but its biggest draw is its magnificent scenery. Although it is not technically a fjord, it resembles one, with green mountains providing an epic backdrop to the blue waters of the bay.

The Orjen Mountains to the west and the Lovćen mountains to the east surround this beautiful bay. Kotor Bay can be divided into four main gulfs connected by narrower channels, each of which is worth visiting. The narrowest section at the Verige Strait is only 340 meters (1115 feet) wide. The outermost part of the bay is the Bay of Tivat. At the main entrance to the Adriatic lies the Bay of Herceg Novi. The inner bays are the Bay of Risan to the northwest and the Bay of Kotor to the southeast.

Kotor Bay is a destination rich with historical significance. Many of the cities, towns and villages surrounding the bay itself are medieval in nature and perfectly preserved. This attracts history and architecture enthusiasts from around the world who can tour countless structures from antiquity.

The Bay of Kotor also boasts a number of Orthodox Christian and Catholic churches and cathedrals, many of which serve as a kind of mecca for religious scholars and pilgrims. To top it all off, the Mediterranean climate of this wonderful destination means that hiking, boating and other outdoor activities are possible throughout the year.

Kotor Bay - Montenegro